A Guide to Campervan Insulation

Posted on 23rd March 2021

Anyone who has their own campervan will know that weather can change at the drop of a hat when you’re on your travels. That is why it is so important to make sure you create a comfortable travelling space that is free from moisture, condensation and unwelcome changes in temperatures!

Getting the right van insulation will ensure that your van will be cool in summer and keep you warm and cosy in winter.

When thinking about van insulation, you will need to include a form of vapour barrier. Since campervans tend to be a small space, there is a risk of moisture build up mainly from breathing and cooking.

What insulation material should I be looking at?

Since you are working with a small space, keeping as much floor space as you can is a must. This is why we recommend using a multifoil insulation, and at Tyne Insulation we have SuperQuilt.  

SuperQuilt, is a multi-purpose nineteen-layer insulation, that works for roof, floor and wall applications. It is such a versatile product that is thermally layered and is a perfect solution for your campervan insulation needs. Not only is this a great product for insulation but it will also save time, costs and maximise your living space.

It isn’t just great insulation but it also is extremely flexible so you can move it freely around the vehicle getting all the bends and wheel arches without awkward cuts. And since the product is lightweight, it won’t add much weight to the van.

How to Install the Insulation?

We would always suggest getting someone who knows about insulation to fit it, so you know that it is completed properly, and you won’t have any problems in the future. However, when it comes to van projects, we know most like to do it themselves.

It is always a good idea to buy low-cost window insulation mats, to prevent condensation on windows and create an extra level of privacy. Here is our quick guide to insulation!

  1. First you want to strip out the van of its fixings and furnishings.
  2. Remove any of the existing van wall panels.
  3. Tape the insulation into place, ensuring it has a tight seal and taping around corners and wheel arches.
  4. If you have chosen a simple multifoil insulation without a vapour barrier, you should install one yourself.
  5. Replace the wall panels, and take care when cutting out new panels.
  6. Fit everything back into place!

Ready for Insulation?

If you have decided to get your insulation for your van, as we mentioned we couldn’t recommend SuperQuilt enough! We have a range of multifoil insulation for you to take a look at. But if you have any questions about any of our products then, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  

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