Terms and Conditions


Liability for goods damaged during transit is not accepted unless written notification is given to the seller and to the carrier within 24 hours of receipt of the goods and an opportunity given to inspect them.


  • This Order/Contract is entered into on the express condition that the Company is exempt from all liability arising from any hindrances whatsoever beyond the Company’s control which prevents or delays the due execution thereof.
  • Deliveries may be suspended pending any contingency beyond the Company’s control, such as fire, accidents, strikes, lockouts, breakdown, Government priority orders, transport difficulties or delays, or force majeure, causing a short supply of labour, fuel or raw materials or otherwise preventing or delaying the manufacture of the article.


Any delivery dates given by the company (whether before or after the acceptance of order) are given in good faith and in expectation that the Company will be able to fulfil them. However, the customer accepts that time is not of the essence in this type of contract and the Company shall be under no liability for loss, damage or expense suffered by the customer or any third party arising from failure of the Company to deliver on any specified date of time to any place.


The seller does not accept responsibility that the goods will be suitable for a specific purpose unless a warranty for that purpose is given in writing.


No condition included in the buyer’s orders shall apply to the sale of goods unless accepted by the seller in writing.


Tyne Insulation Supplies Ltd will not share or sell any customer details or personal information with any third parties unless required to do so by law.

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