Guide to Tile Backer Boards

Posted on 20th October 2021

Tile backer boards are essentially insulation boards that can be the perfect underlayer for the tiles or wooden boards that form your floors, walls and ceilings. Tile backer boards are made of high-performance, waterproof and lightweight extruded polystyrene faced with fibreglass mesh and polymer mortar on each side.

Here is our guide to tile backer boards for your home and office.

Features of Tile Backer Boards

Excellent insulating benefits combined with strength make these boards the perfect choice for a substrate for your flooring, walls and ceiling tiles. Use them in wet areas such as bathrooms and wet rooms where you need a waterproof layer. Tile backer boards are just perfect when it comes to underfloor heating and can greatly reduce energy costs.

Choosing the Right Thickness

Depending upon where you want to use them, you can choose the thickness for the boards. Tyne Insulation provides you with a full range of tile backer boards from 6mm to 50mm thickness. Talk to our insulation experts to know which size is right for your home and office.

Tile Backer Boards Accessories

For installing tile backer boards and tiles, you will need accessories such as waterproofing paste, waterproofing tape, galvanised steel washers when you need to fit the boards to a timber floor, pre-fabricated corner sections and sleeves and self-adhesive reinforcement tape to tape over the joints. 

Look up our website for a complete list of accessories for all insulation installation. You can also call our expert staff to know more about quick and efficient insulation installation.

Other Insulation Boards

While you are browsing our collection, also take a look at our foil faced PIR insulation boards, insulated plasterboards and polystyrene sheets used for general insulation applications and domestic floor insulation.

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Looking for the best insulation products for your home or office? Look no further than Tyne Insulation for a complete range of floor insulation, loft insulation, roof insulation, rockwool and acoustic insulation products as well as insulation boards including Ultra tile backer boards.

We also supply a huge variety of non-combustible insulation accessories including thermal insulation rolls, foil joint tapes, multifoils, waterproofing paste, waterproofing tape, galvanised steel washers and more.

Tell us about your project and we can help you with the entire process. Trust our experienced and expert service technicians for your home and office renovation and insulation jobs. Connect with us today to know more about our product range.

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