Guide to Ultra-Efficient Insulated Plasterboards

Posted on 20th October 2020

What are they?

Tyne Insulation’s Ultra Liner insulated plasterboard is a high-performance laminated board that is made for insulating walls and ceilings. The plasterboard consists of a 12.5mm tapered edged plasterboard factory that has been bonded to rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR).

The insulation can either be faced with foil for mechanical fixing or kraft foil paper if they need to accept dry wall adhesive.

Installation & Site Handling

When installing our Ultra Liner boards there are different points that you will have to consider depending on where you are installing them and what kind of fixing you’re planning on using.

  • Walls (Mechanical fix) – When fixing the Ultra Liner board, it should be fixed to vertical battens at maximum 600mm centres and horizontal battens supporting the top and bottom edges of the boards. If you’re adding to window or door openings, they need to be trimmed with battens to support the edges.
    The battens will need to be pre-treated and needs to be at least 40mm wide, this is to make sure there is sufficient edge support to the plasterboards.
    They will then need to be fixed using screws that are long enough to allow a 25mm bite into the batten.
  • Walls (Adhesive fix) – The board should be fixed by applying 50-75mm wide drywall adhesive dabs to the wall at 300mm centres, 25mm in from the board edge fiving adhesive contact area of 20% with board.
    A 50mm continuous ribbon will need to be maintained to provide fire-stopping and achieve air tightness and predicted U values. When your adhesive is dry, three additional mechanical fireproof fixings should be added through the board centre.
  • Pitched Roofs (Mechanical fix) – Should be screwed directly into the rafters at 150mm centres using screws long enough to allow a 25mm bite into the timber.

Cutting & Storing your Liner Boards

When cutting the boards, they can be cut using a fine-toothed saw or even a sharp knife. The boards should be stored off the ground, and must be covered to make sure that they are protected from any elements.


If you’re looking at installing your own Ultra Liner insulated plasterboard, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the helpful team at Tyne Insulation.

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