Hot Sleepless Nights? How Loft Insulation Can Help

Posted on 25th April 2023

When we think of insulation, most of us think about comfort and protection in wintertime.

However, insulation can make your home equally comfortable in the warm and sultry summer months that we have been experiencing, thanks, in no small part, to the effects of global warming.

A house without quality insulation will be a hotbox you’d rather keep away from during the summers. Your air conditioner won’t help in the absence of insulation.

Home insulation is the best way to improve your summertime experience indoors and to benefit from consistent and cooler temperatures, lower energy bills and less load on your air conditioner.

In this post, we discuss how loft insulation can help you sleep better in the summer months.


Why is your building hot in the summer months?

Blame the law of thermodynamics. In short, hot air chases cold air.

In the colder weather, the hot air inside your building wants to escape. The biggest challenge in wintertime is retaining heated air indoors (and that’s where roof insulation comes into the picture).

In the summer, the opposite is true: hot air outside wants to find its way inside your house. And the easiest way to keep hot air out? Roof insulation!

The primary purpose of home insulation is not to keep your house warm but to keep it consistent – with cool air inside the home in summer and outside in winter.

Benefits of Loft Insulation

There are two primary benefits of loft insulation in the summer:

  • Loft insulation keeps the loft from overheating
  • Loft insulation also keeps the warm loft air from finding its way through the rest of your house.

Keep Your House Cool with Interior Wall Insulation

Hot air is always looking for vulnerable territory. If some of the walls in your building are insulated while others aren’t, the hot air will seek to find those vulnerable rooms and build up.

If you find that some rooms in your house are warmer than others, perhaps inadequate insulation is to blame.

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