How to Create the Perfect Wetroom

Posted on 12th November 2020

When installing a wetroom, it is of the upmost importance that it is done correctly – no one wants any leaky floors! But as everyone knows there isn’t just one element that goes into a wetroom, it is made up of many parts that come together.

That is why we have come together to think of how to create a perfect wetroom, and of course, we can also help install it for you. Here is a quick look at some of the tools we use to create our wetrooms:  

Ultra Efficient Tile Backer Board

This is a high performance board, that is made of a waterproof extruded polystyrene, core faced with fibre glass mesh embedded into a polymer mortar on each side – adding to the overall extra strength and rigidity of the board.

It is available in a range of thicknesses, can be used with all kinds of substrates and suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects. Of course the board is totally water and rot resistant, making it the best solution for tiling wetrooms.

Ultra Efficient Shower Trays

These can be used with our Ultra Shower Drains, and come in a range of sizes to make sure that they fit into any spot.

Baxboard Waterproofing Paste

A ready to use polymeric liquid coating that is applied as a one or two coat system, to create a permanently flexible waterproof membrane prior to tiling in wetrooms. By using this paste there is low odour, easy application, solvent free and it is a water clean up.

Baxboard Primer

A ready to use Acrylic co-polymer intended for use prior to application of the Baxboard Waterproofing Paste and tapes. It is suitable on most porous and semi-porous substrates such as plasterboard.

If you’re interested in having the perfect wetroom installed in your premises, then the team at Tyne Insulation would be happy to help, just get in touch and we can arrange a quote for you!

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