Insulating a Bathroom

Posted on 29th November 2021

No one likes waking out of a comfortable, warm bed on chilly winter mornings and entering a cold bathroom floor to carry out daily tasks like brushing teeth, taking a shower and getting ready for work. It can be a mood-buster unlike any other.

However, imagine stepping into a warm, comfortable bathroom. Your feet don’t feel icy, your body does not feel the chills and you are on to the perfect start for a busy day at work.

Insulating your bathroom can transform the bathing experience entirely. A warm bathroom will not only make the bathing environment a pleasant one but will also help prevent damp and condensation.

Here are the steps you must take to insulate your bathroom.

Choose the Insulation Type

When it comes to bathroom insulation, the most important step is to decide between internal wall insulation and external insulation. Internal wall insulation is carried out by installing rigid insulation boards into the wall. You could even build a stud wall filled with insulation material like mineral wool fibre.

External wall insulation is done by adding a layer of bathroom insulation material to the wall and then covering it with cladding or plaster. You will need proper access to the outer walls to be able to do external bathroom wall insulation.

While internal insulation is cheaper compared to external insulation, it will reduce the floor area of your bathroom slightly. Moreover, it is an extensive process and disruptive process. External insulation, however, is quick and easy.

Choose the Right Materials

Once you’ve decided which type of bathroom insulation is right for your home, your needs and your budget, it’s time to buy the right insulation materials.

The type of insulation material you choose will depend on the wall. Hence, you must inspect your wall thoroughly before choosing the material. The different bathroom insulation materials include insulation roll, insulation slab and insulation board.

For high quality insulation materials, contact Tyne Insulation.

Prepare the Wall

Once you have chosen the type of insulation you are going to do, it’s time to prepare your bathroom wall for the insulation process. Start by checking the wall for damp issues and addressing them. The condition of the wall will spell out the extent of preparation work needed.

Begin Bathroom Insulation

Now it’s time to install your insulation. Be sure to follow all safety and regulatory guidelines (for internal insulation) when installing bathroom insulation.

Buy Quality Insulation Materials in Tyne and Wear

Tyne Insulation provide a range of insulation materials. Should you need help choosing the right materials for your bathroom insulation project, feel free to talk to our friendly team. Call 0191 257 8640 now.

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