Reasons to Consider Floor Insulation

Posted on 20th July 2021

Choosing the right insulation for your home can go a long way in keeping it warm and draught-free. You can save big on utility bills too. But if you are looking to insulate only your roof and walls, think again! Floor insulation can be of great help too.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider floor insulation for your home.

Prevent Heat from Escaping

Heat can escape from the floors too and if you have a basement, there’s every chance that your home gets cold and damp when the seasons change. Floor insulation can help to create a thermal envelope preventing the heat from escaping. This keeps your home warm and decreases your dependency on heaters, thereby reducing the utility bills to a great extent.

Reduce Sound from Floorboards

Good floor insulation can really help to reduce the sounds from noisy floorboards and from the outside. Wooden floors can create a noisy ambience, but you can reduce these effects by opting for floor insulation right at the time of your home conversion.

Reduce Draughts

A lot of homes in the UK suffer from draughts. Life can become really uncomfortable if you live in such a home. Floor insulation can cut out this problem and you can enjoy a draught-free home all year round.

Combine with Underfloor Heating for a Warmer Floor

If you have experienced a cold floor in the mornings and have been discomforted by it, you will understand why a warmer floor can be a pleasant experience. Floor insulation can create an ambient temperature, warmer floors and a comfortable home. Combine with the right underfloor heating and you will never have to walk on a cold floor again!

Improves Fire Resistance Quality of Your Home

When you have timber or wooden floors, it is always best to have a layer of insulation. Floor insulation is made of materials that also boast fire-retardant properties. They act as a barrier between the wooden floors and a fire.

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