Top Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Posted on 22nd March 2023

Spring is finally here and it’s time to stop hibernating and begin enjoying the outdoors. There’s no better way to welcome the warm season than by indulging in some spring cleanup. That’s the best way to prepare your home for spring showers, increased air conditioning usage and warm-weather pests.

Check the Attic

Check the attic for birds’ nests and ample ventilation. Look out for ductwork obstructions, leaking roof flashing, damaged soffit panels and wet spots on insulation.

Improving the attic ventilation will boost airflow, keeping your cooling costs low. When you are inspecting the attic, be sure to wear gloves and long sleeves to stay protected from insulation.

Replace Old Filters

Filters are the last thing we think of, but they must be replaced regularly. Be sure to replace your filters once every six months for optimal results.

Check and replace the range hood filter, refrigerator water filter and charcoal filter at the bottom of your microwave.

Fix Cracks

Cracks may have popped up in the walkways, foundation and patio during the winter months. These are harbingers of water damage. Be sure to fill any cracks at the earliest. This is the easiest way to keep repairs to a minimum after the spring rain.

It’s also important to ensure the patio and the walkways are sloping away from the house. This way, water will not pool near the foundation.

Move Junk Away

It’s time to get rid of all the wood and junk away from the house. The stack of firewood that you had put up against the house must be moved. Damp wood is the perfect breeding ground for a range of insects.

Similarly, get rid of any junk that you left outside during the winter months lest you want water to accumulate after the snow and ice melts.

Repair/Replace Rotted Trip or Siding

If you find that the siding or trim has started to crumble or rot, be sure to restore or replace it. Repainting the trim or siding will take considerable time, so take it up only if you are up for it. Alternatively, consider hiring professionals. 

Buy Roof, Floor and Wall Insulation in Newcastle

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