Insulating an Outdoor Space

Posted on 26th January 2022

Whether you spend a lot of time in your outdoor living space or use it sparingly, insulating it is a great idea. If you have visited your shed in the summer only to find it’s unbearably hot, or you see icicles dangling from the roof of your shed, insulating it can help.

When insulated, your outdoor space can be used for a lot more things than just storage. You could use it as a workshop or even host gatherings.

Types of Insulation

You can choose from many types of insulation for your outdoor space. You could opt for loose-fill insulation such as fiberglass, cellulose or stone woold. Another option is to use rolls made of stone woold, fiberglass or natural fibers. Alternatively, you could use a rigid board or foam board including insulated plasterboard. You could also consider using reflective insulation, which features a reflective foil surface.

Insulation Materials

  • Insulation for the walls – If you want to insulate the shed’s walls, you can choose from a range of materials like insulated plasterboard, form board and fiberglass. Foam board can be easily fit to the frames and trimmed down to size as necessary. However, fiberglass insulation offers the best results.
  • Insulation for the walls – Although insulating a new shed floor is easier, you can still boost the insulation of your existing shed flooring. You could either remove the flooring and fit foam boards before fitting back the flooring or you could place a breathable membrane to the floor and place a rug or carpet over it.

Air Tightness

It’s important to plug all the air leaks in your outdoor space. You will want to minimise the cracks and openings that let the outdoor air into and out of the outdoor space. These openings can bring cold air during winter and warm air in the summer months, affecting the air quality as well as the moisture content of the shed.

Nail down the roll roofing. Seal the gaps around doors and windows. Be sure to seal any route through which outdoor air can freely pass through. Making your shed airtight will offer maximum comfort.

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