Should I Insulate my Loft?

Posted on 30th January 2023

For most people, loft insulation is the last thing on their minds. After all, it’s a dust-ridden space that you’d rather not think about. Perhaps you don’t even have insulation in your loft.

A poorly insulated loft can increase your energy bills. That’s because a loft is a large space where energy can escape easily. This can make your home feel drafty while affecting every room in the house.

Insulating your loft will improve the comfort level in your home. You will feel warmer in the cold, winter months and cooler in the hot, summer months.

In this post, we look at some of the top reasons why you should insulate your loft.

Prevents heat loss

In uninsulated homes, about 25% of heat loss occurs through the roof.

The purpose of loft insulation is to reduce this heat loss by adding a thermal barrier, thereby preventing heat from rising and disappearing through the roof.

With loft insulation, you can reduce heat loss by 25%. This is the easiest way to make your living spaces more comfortable.

Reduces energy bills

Insulating the loft can lower the cost of keeping your home warm. That’s because heat travels and moves out of your home during the winter months. When done right, attic insulation can curtail this airflow, thereby lowering your energy costs by up to £110 a year.

Because loft insulation can last for 40 years and beyond, it will deliver spectacular savings over the years.

Prevents structural damage caused by moisture

Insulation helps curtail water vapour from reaching your building’s structure. Open cell foam insulation acts as a vapour retardant and closed cell spray foam acts as a vapour barrier.

Water vapour can enter your roof, ceiling and walls resulting in wood rot, growing mould and eroding cement. All of this can be easily prevented with good loft insulation.

Improves the lifespan of your roof

Replacing a home’s roof is an expensive process. That’s why it’s important to keep your roof in good condition as much as possible. Loft insulation helps keep condensation from forming water droplets on the underside of the roof, thereby ensuring wood-rot does not develop.

Insulation will also keep the summer heat from rising to the roof, which can affect the life of your roofing material. 

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