Why Insulation is Just as Important in the Summer

Posted on 24th June 2021

We all know that insulation helps keep your home warm in the winters, keeps the cold air out and helps lower your utility bills. But if you thought insulation is only for winters, think again! Insulation can help you just as much in the summer months because it protects from the heat too. Here is why insulation is just as important in the summer and why you should invest in it right away.

Make Your Home Cooler in Summers

Insulation is definitely useful in protecting your home from the freezing temperatures in the winters. But you should also know that insulation works just as effectively in the summer months to keep your home cooler.

Instead of turning on the fans in the house (which results in increasing your carbon footprint), invest in quality insulation to make your home cooler in summer.

When heat hits the roof or walls of your home, the insulation acts as a reflecting medium and the heat bounces back. This keeps your home cool within. Insulation also slows down the movement of heat so your home does not suffer from overheating.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Summers can get extremely hot and humid in the UK, even if they are not long-lasting. While air conditioners are not considered necessary, most homeowners end up with high energy bills owing to fans, dehumidifiers, water coolers, showers and pool area heating.

The right home insulation can help in reducing your energy bills to a great extent. Insulation cools down your home interiors and reduces the need for fans and coolers.

Keep Your Loft Cool

Lofts usually get extremely hot in the summers. Many people find it impossible to use their lofts during this time. The heat in the loft also draws the cool air from the rooms beneath, making them uncomfortable to be in.

Insulation for your loft and roof can keep the house temperature in control. Rather than giving up on using the loft during the summers, consider getting floor insulation for your loft as well as roof insulation and wall insulation for your entire home.

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