Pitched Roof Insulation

Pitched Roof

The Ultra Pitched Roof Insulation System is the most effective and easiest method of insulated pitched roofs from beneath the rafters.

There are two component parts to the system:

  • Ultra Roll PR – a dense glass fibre roll insulation pre-cut to fit between rafters.
  • Ultra Liner Insulated Plasterboard – a high performance rigid insulation board factory bonded to 12.5mm plasterboard fixed to the underside of the rafters.

Ultra Pitched Roof Insulation System

Less dust, less mess, less waste, less time, less money.


Benefits and Savings

  • Cheaper than buying rigid PIR insulation and plasterboard separately. See our price list opposite for details.
  • The system includes plasterboard bonded to rigid insulation, eliminating cold bridging and saving labour.
  • No more cutting rigid PIR to fit between rafters.


Download our product data sheet for a selection of typical U values that the Ultra Liner achieves. The data sheet also provides fixing and site handling details.

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