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Wall Insualtion

Do you want to improve the insulation in your home? The simplest solution is to use our Ultra Liner range of insulated plasterboards which can be easily fixed to existing walls.

We stock insulation batts for full fill and partial fill cavity wall applications in any size you could possibly need, as well as cavity closers, fire stop socks and party wall fire and acoustic insulation.

Traditional Masonry Wall Insulation

  • PIR foil faced rigid cavity boards
  • Glassfibre cavity batts standard
  • Rockwool cavity batts
  • Polyfoam rigid cavity boards
  • Isowool RD35 Batts and RD Rolls
  • Cavity fire barriers and stops
  • Acoustic cavity fire wall barriers
  • Fire stopping and intumescents
  • Cavity closers
  • 2L2 Coldbreak and insulated dpcs
  • Foam expansion joint
  • Weep vents and air bricks
  • Foil joint tapes
  • Wall tie clips

Brickwork Contractors

Did you know that we offer our own U value calculation service to give you the most cost effective product solutions? We also manufacture our own range of Ultra Cavity Barriers for the best value in fire and acoustic performance and stock every thickness cavity wall insulation from 25mm up to 100mm.

Timber Frame Wall Insulation

  • Glassfibre timber frame rolls
  • PIR Foilboards
  • Insulated plasterboards
  • Multifoils & reflective insulation
  • Polythene enclosed
  • Cavity closers
  • Vapour barriers and tapes
  • Breather membranes

Developers and Building Contractors

Did you know that we offer our own Ultra Timber Frame Insulation System that provide cost effective and practical solutions to U value requirements? We know the cheapest alternatives to help to save time and money.

Solid Wall Construction & Refurbishments

  • Insulated plasterboards
  • Acoustic insulated plasterboard
  • PIR Foilboards
  • Rockwool Slabs
  • Vapour barriers and tapes

Renovators and DIY

Did you know that we offer expert free advice on all aspects of improving your homes insulation. We welcome visitors to our depots for advice and prices, we also accept all major debit and credit cards and usually deliver free of charge throughout England.

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